Tablica Ogłoszeń | 2015-07-15

Club of Gdańsk 2015

Szanowni Państwo,


Przesyłamy informacje o naborze na trzecią edycję programu “Club of Gdańsk” – Meeting Point for Polish and Russian Young Leaders. Szczegóły poniżej.


Z poważaniem,

Rafał Kosiba
Wicekonsul ds. Współpracy z Polakami w Rosji
Wydział Konsularny
Ambasada Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej w Federacji Rosyjskiej
ul. Klimaszkina 4, 115127 Moskwa
tel. (+7 495) 23 11 563
( (Voip) +48 223 978 350 wew. 563
faks (+7 495) 23 11 555



The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding organises the third edition of “Club of Gdańsk” – Meeting Point for Polish and Russian Young Leaders, Due to recruitment process I would like to ask you to deliver:

1)      comprehensive CV in English focused particularly on engagement in public affairs, application explaining the motivation and interest,

2)      letter(s) of recommendation prepared by institution(s) with which you collaborates (ed),

submitted examples of your own contribution to local or regional public debates (articles, commentaries, blogs etc.).

The Club is a regular meeting platform for young and dynamic people from Poland and Russia, actively involved in public affairs at national, regional and local levels. The far-reaching aim of this initiative is to establish network of young local leaders, willing and able to build new and improve existing links between local communities of the two neighboring countries.

The meeting will be divided as follows. On 3rd September Director of the Centre invites the participants of “Club of Gdańsk” to the welcoming dinner.

On 4-5 September former British Ambassador, Charles Crawford, will give masterclasses, Negotiation in Action and Public Speaking. They will present core aspects of modern negotiation theory and technique, and give participants many key practical skills used in professional mediation (Anchoring, Framing, Reflecting, Active Listening). Many frank examples taken from high-level diplomacy will be given to illustrate how negotiation works in practice.  The programme will be supplemented by the workshop in European Solidarity Centre. On the last day participants of the “Club of Gdańsk” will have an opportunity to walk around the city.

The group will consist of 8-10 young people from Poland and 8-10 from Russia.

Absolutely necessary condition is a very good, active knowledge of English which will be the official language of the Club. This requirement will be tested by the Centre through telephone interviews.

It shall be emphasized that the ultimate decision upon recruitment will be taken by the Director of the Centre after thorough analysis of received applications.

The organiser covers cost of accommodation, meals and training course, while the participant should cover travel expenditures. 

Application deadline is 20 July 2015.

For detailed information pelase contact: Ms Olimpia Bronowicka, e-mail:, phone: 22 295 00 30.